Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Automotive Reference Information

  1. https://truecar.com                  (Purchase new cars)
  2. http://www.kbb.com               (Kelly Blue Book™ new/used car prices)
  3. http://www.edmunds.com       (Used car prices, research)
  4. http://www.cars.com               (Used car classified ads)
  5. http://www.carmax.com          (National used car franchise)
  6. http://www.ebaymotors.com   (Online car auction)
  7. http://www.autotrader.com      (National used car classified)
  8. http://www.nada.com              (Used car prices, research)
  9. http://www.autobytel.com       (Overall Automotive Resources)
10. http://www.autotempest.com   (Used car multiple sites in one site)
11. http://www.carsdirect.com       (Buy/sell new & used cars)
12. http://www.craigslist.org          (Used cars, free classified ads)
  1. http://www.carcomplaints.com                          (Car complaints database)
  2. http://www.autozone.com/video/video.jsp        (Car repair videos)
  3. http://www.iatn.net                                            (Car knowledge database)
  4. http://www.identifix.com                                   (Staffed by 45 master techs)
  5. http://www.faxonautoliterature.com                  (Used repair/owner’s manuals)
  6. http://www.helminc.com                                    (Repair/owner’s manuals)
  7. http://www.cartalk.com                                      (Automotive radio talk program)
  8. http://www.aa1car.com/library.htm                    (Automotive repair library)
  9. http://repairpal.com/estimator                            (Repair cost estimator)
(Location of Check Engine light connector to connect code reader to vehicle)

1. http://www.nhtsa.gov (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)    (Variety of vehicle information, statistics, laws)

2. http://www.safercar.gov (Recalls, Technical Service Bulletins, complaints, crash test ratings, child car seats, safety technologies.)
Once there, go to vehicle owners, select your model year, make, model, click Go then select the tab you want (eg. Recalls, Investigations, Complaints.)

3. http://www.edmunds.com/carmaintainance/guide-page.html (TSB’s)
NOTE:  A very good free source of vehicle repair information, recalls, and technical service bulletins (TSB) is your local city or county online library.

D. Vehicle History/Title Info/Vehicle Quality

1. http://www.carfax.com                     (Vehicle history)
2. http://www.autocheck.com               (Vehicle history)
3. http://www.vehiclehistory.gov          (Title history)
4. http://www.autos.jdpower.com         (Quality, durability, reliability reports)
5. http://www.fueleconomy.gov            (Fuel economy guide)
6. http://www.carmd.com                      (Check engine light resource)
E. Manufacturer Main Websites

  1. Acura                   http://www.acura.com
  2. Aston Martin        http://www.astonmartin.com
  3. Audi                     https://www.audiusa.com
  4. Bentley                https://www.bentleymotors.com
  5. BMW                   http://www.bmwusa.com
  6. Buick                   https://www.buick.com
  7. Cadillac                https://www.cadillac.com
  8. Chevrolet             https://www.chevrolet.com
  9. Chrysler               http://www.chrysler.com
10. Dodge                  http://www.dodge.com
11. Fiat                      http://www.fiatusa.com     
12. Ford                     http://www.ford.com
13. Honda                  http://www.honda.com
14. Hyundai               https://www.hyundaiusa.com
15. Infiniti                  http://www.infinitiUSA.com
16. Isuzu Cars            http://www.isuzu.com
17. Jaguar                  http://www.jaguarUSA.com
18. Jeep                     http://www.jeep.com
19. Kia                       http://www.kia.com
20. Land Rover          http://www.landroverusa.com
21. Lexus                   http://www.lexus.com
22. Lincoln                 https://www.lincoln.com
23. Maserati               http://www.maseratiusa.com
24. Mazda                  http://www.mazdausa.com
25. Mercedes Benz    http://www.mbusa.com
26. Mini Copper         http://www.miniusa.com
27. Mitsubishi            http://www.mitsubishicars.com
28. Nissan                  http://www.nissanusa.com
29. Porsche                http://porsche.com/usa
30. Rolls-Royce         https://rollsroycemotorcars.com
31. Saturn                   https://www.gm.com/owner-assistance/saturn.html
32. Scion                    https://www.scion.com
33. Smart                   http://www.smartusa.com
34. Subaru                 http://www.subaru.com
35. Suzuki                 http://www.globalsuzuki.com
36. Toyota                 http://www.toyota.com
37. Volkswagen         http://www.vw.com
38. Volvo                   http://www.volvo.com/us

The cost of genuine factory repair manuals often comes in multiple volumes and is not cheap. These are the books the professional technician use in a service environment.
The genuine factory manuals are ideal to have if you intend to do significant work. However, new factory repair manuals are expensive; therefore, you can purchase them used on ebay.com or craigslist.org™

You can also obtain specifications and repair procedures free from your local library online e-resources automotive section (a very good deal.)
You can also obtain temporary access to the digital repair manuals from the manufacturer. Below is the web address for all of the car manufacturers that sell vehicles in the United States.

Digital Repair Manuals, Wiring Diagrams, and Owner’s Manuals
Access Cost: $10.00-$30.00 for 1-3 days at various manufacturer websites.

  1. Acura                http://www.ServiceExpress.Honda.com
  3. Audi                  https://erwin.audiusa.com
  4. Bentley             https://erwinusa.bentleymotors.com
  5. BMW                http://www.bmwtechinfo.com
  6. Buick                https://www.acdelcotds.com/acdelco/action/home
  7. Cadillac             https://www.acdelcotds.com/acdelco/action/home
  8. Chevrolet           https://www.acdelcotds.com/acdelco/action/home
  9. Chrysler             http://www.techauthority.com
10. Dodge                http://www.techauthority.com
11. Eagle                  http://www.techauthority.com
12. Fiat                     http://www.techauthority.com
13. Ford                    http://www.motorcraftservice.com
14. GM                     https://www.acdelcotds.com/acdelco/action/home
15. Honda                 http://www.ServiceExpress.Honda.com
16. Hyundai              http://www.hyundaitechinfo.com
17. Infiniti                 http://www.infiniti-techinfo.com/home.aspx
18. Isuzu Cars           http://www.isuzutechinfo.com
19. Jaguar                  http://www.jaguartechinfo.com
20. Jeep                     http://www.techauthority.com
            21. Kia                       http://www.kiatechinfo.com
22. Land Rover          http://www.landrovertechinfo.com
23. Lexus                   http://www.techinfo.lexus.com
24. Lincoln                http://www.motorcraftservice.com
25. Maserati               http://www.maseratitechinfo.com
26. Mazda                  http://www.mazdaserviceinfo.com
27. Mercedes Benz    http://www.startekinofo.com
28. Mercury               http://www.motorcraftservice.com
29. Mini                     http://www.minitechinfo.com
30. Mitsubishi            http://www.mitsubishitechinfo.com
31. Nissan                  http://www.nissan-techinfo.com/home.aspx
32. Plymouth             http://www.techauthority.com
33. Pontiac                 https://www.acdelcotds.com/acdelco/action/home
34. Porsche                https://techinfo2.porsche.com/PassThru/user/ShowInfo.action
35. Rolls-Royce         http://www.rrtis.com
36. Saab                    http://www.epsiportal.com
37. Saturn                  https://www.acdelcotds.com/acdelco/action/home
38. Scion                    http://techinfo.toyota.com
39. Smart                   http://smartkinfo.com/SmartTek/
40. Subaru                 http://techinfo.subaru.com
41. Suzuki                 http://suzukipitstopplus.com
42. Toyota                 https://techinfo.toyota.com
43. Volkswagen         https://erwin.vw.com
44. Volvo                   http://www.volvotechinfo.com

G. Additional Repair Information

2. Motor Auto Repair Manual - on (www.Amazon.com, www.eBay.com)
3. Haynes™ - http://www.haynes.com/print 
5. Car clubs, automotive forums,  the internet, and the online section of your city/county library.


There you have it, information at the click of a mouse. In addition, I would like to invite you to purchase and download a copy of my eBook ($7.99) entitled: "How to Own a Car on the Cheap (without sacrificing quality)" which is well worth the money to give you additional information.
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