Monday, May 16, 2016

Breaking News: New eBook Published- Titled: "How to Own a Car on the Cheap (without sacrificing quality)"

The ebook entitled:
"How to Own a Car on the Cheap (without sacrificing quality)" is now available for purchase.
Here is the purchase link:
Price: $5.99 
Length is 45 pages in PDF Format 
To view the first 5 pages, click on the link, then click preview

Table of Contents:

The Truth about Vehicle Tune-ups
The Secret of Vehicle Longevity - Part 1
The Secret of Vehicle Longevity - Part 2
The Check Engine Light
When to Repair Your Vehicle
How Labor and Repair Charges are Determined
Is Buying a Certified Used Vehicle Cost Effective?
Factory or Aftermarket Parts?
Do and Don't List 
Do It Yourself Section
Automobile Resources Websites
Manufacturer Main Websites
Manufacturer Technical Websites
Additional Repair Information
Real Life Scenarios
Questions and Answer Section
Recurring Vehicle Issues
The Lemon Law
Safety Advice
Concluding Thoughts
About the Author                             
This book is written for the layperson who may know little about a car but want to obtain sufficient knowledge to save literally hundreds to thousands of dollars by making informed automotive decisions.

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